New York City Track Cycling Team
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Now that the cyclocross season is coming to an end I figured I ought to find time to post an update. While most of the team has been hitting the gym and racking up base miles for next season a few of us have been traveling the northeast every weekend to race our bikes in the sand and mud.

I spent my last few weeks as a Cat 4 bouncing around the top 5 and rounding out my final cat 4 race with a first place finish at BubbleCross in West Milford, NJ.


After that, I submitted for my upgrade and took a rest week around Thanksgiving.

Next up was Horseshoe Scramble. Fellow Pink Rhino Teammate (who races Cross for Continuum Cycles) took first place in the Women’s 3/4 Race!

Here’s her getting rad off some of the rollers:


I raced later in the afternoon in the Men’s Cat 3 Race. The front side of the course was really thick grass that only got wetter and thicker throughout the day. The entire backside of the course was long stretches of thick mud divided in half by a technical downhill off-camber into a steep run up that was also covered in thick mud. One section was so thick with mud that I don’t even think Sven Nys would ride it. While running with my bike, I took the opportunity to try and pull out as much mud from my brakes and rear triangle as I could. Races like these make me wish I had a pit bike. As I sprinted towards the finish I ripped my rear derailleur off the frame and it broke apart inside of my rear wheel. I had to run the final 200 meters with my bike covered in 10lbs of mud on my shoulder. Luckily the exact same thing happened to the guy behind me (seriously, at least 20-25 people must have broken their rear derailleurs that day). I finished up in 10th place.



This past weekend was Super Cross Cup, a 2 day race held out on Long Island, just 40 minutes from the city. This race was supposed to happen the 2nd week of November, but due to Hurricane Sandy the park was taken over by FEMA as a staging area and postponed a few weeks.

Jen Nordhem brought home 6th place on Saturday in the Women’s 3/4 Race and battled it out for 1st place on Sunday.


Is that the raddest podium shot, or what?!


I brought home another top 10 on Saturday with a 9th place finish. Sunday was going good for the first 4 laps. I was sitting 4th or 5th for a few laps, racing with people that I know are much faster than me. I wiped out on relatively easy turn and lost any ground I had put in on the group behind me. From there on out my race got progressively worse as fatigue and back cramps started to settle in. I finished in 12th place. Not awful, but I was hoping for another top 10 to round the season out.

As sad as I am to see it go, I think my cross season is over. There are still a few races here and there over the next few weeks but it’s time to start racking up some base miles and focusing on my goals for next year. Although I might head down to Philly this weekend to get rad at Bilenky’s Junkyard cross race. After that, I swear that’s it!